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Special note: Our solar generator customers are particularly interested in privacy. (Especially these days.) That said, the names and pictures below have been changed to protect their true identities. The testimonials however, are real and are kept (protected) in our office.

Solar Generator

Rick Allen

"Showing All My Friends"

Yes, my name is Rick and I live in Illinois. I just purchased the Perfect Power Next, solar generator and it works perfect.  I’m using it to run my refrigerator, in case we ever lose power.  It’s just working super duper right off the panel.  Just really slick, well put together, well made, well nice and sturdy, comes with a cart.  Just beautiful.  Everything’s just nice. Renee there a has been just super helping me. She’s always been there to answer all my questions, so keep her as an employee and keep making good products. People come over, friends and family and stuff and I’ve been showing them what I got going here, how easy it was, just follow the instructions.  I’m just super happy! So, thank you very much and please keep making the good products.  Bye  

Solar Powered Generator

Delyn Atwell,   Dothan, AL

Surviving A Tornado And The Power Outage It Created

In the past year, since I bought the Perfect Power 1800 Backup Solar Generator System. I have experience on three separate event in my home town - power outage, one lasting about 18 hrs, a 2nd time lasting about 24 hrs and the 3th lasting for 2 days from a tornado taking out electricity power poles near my house.  Every time the Power Grid go's down, I have the Perfect Power Backup Generator System to keep my home powered up. Thank you!   

Portable Solar Generator

Lana Blazek, Salt Lake City, UT

Using Perfect Power Unit To Get Off The Grid!

My husband and I live in a cabin on a 10-acre piece of land in MO. Our intent is to go off grid and be prepared for emergencies, such as loss of electricity during a storm.  Our cabin is approximately 700 sq. ft.  We have a wood burning cook stove, which serves as a cooking stove and heat for the cabin.  We have a backup hand pump on our well, should we not have any electricity, we still have water. 

We purchased the gold package, (Perfect Power 1800), which included a solar generator, in case of an EMP alert.  Then we purchased an additional battery and solar panel.  So, all in all, we have a generator, 2 batteries, and 3 solar panels and a wind turbine.  We purchased 4 more led lights so now we have 12 run throughout the house.  They are installed with each having its own pull chain.  We only turn on the lights we need at the time and plug the light cord into the generator. Now I have as much light as I did when we lived on electricity.  We also each have a lap top computer and 1 printer, which we plug into the generator.  

When we have sun, we run on a full charge without any problems.  At night, upon retiring to bed, we unplug the lights and computers so that we wake up to a full charge the next morning. This is when we use our solar lanterns, which have been charging in the windows all day. We love it.  Our next step is to purchase a small refrigerator. 

We really like the idea of the unit being portable.  We don’t know the future, and if we end up having to move, we intend to take this unit with us.  

Solar Powered Generator

Delyn Atwell,   Dothan, AL

Surviving A Tornado And The Power Outage It Created

In the past year, since I bought the Perfect Power 1800 backup solar generator system. I have experience on three separate event in my home town - power outage, one lasting about 18 hrs, a 2nd time lasting about 24 hrs and the 3th lasting for 2 days from a tornado taking out electricity power poles near my house.  Everytime the Power Grid go's down, I have the Perfect Power Backup Generator System to keep my home powered up. Thank you!   

solar energy system

Carl Borghardt, Topeka, KS

Perfect Power Recovers Quickly!

Now that I have set up my system we are using the power it provides for some every day power needs. I tested it with my electric lawn mower, electric weed eater, pond pumps and aerators, leaf blower, table saw, and air compressor.  It recovers quickly with solar re-generation. The wind generator seems to work quite nicely too.  We like the rugged design and engineering that went into the unit and can’t wait for our smart pod battery and solar panel gift. Thanks so much for a perfect product. 

only the perfect power

Jean Dolder, Murphy, NC 28906

A Whole Year With Only The Perfect Power!

Just wanted to let you know that it’s been one year since I purchased my 1800 Perfect Power series. I have been completely off grid the whole year, no electric bills! We are careful with the electric and keep an eye on the weather, but we’ve had power every day!  We do not have a well pump plugged into it.  I'm 78 years old, and as a child we did not have electricity.  I followed the directions and hooked it up myself.  As a child, my parents had no electric bills. But now in my golden years, I have power but no $400 a month electric bill.  At first for a while I was disappointed.  It seemed we weren’t getting enough power, so I rechecked everything a few times.  We get quite a bit of sun usually.  But after a while, like suddenly overnight it started working real good.  Better than I had hoped.  No noise, and Ive had no maintenance issues.  I will be adding another battery pod and another solar panel.

One of the schools in the area also runs on solar.  In fact there are several businesses that use solar in North Carolina. The staff has always been friendly. Thank you!

perfect power runs a refridgerator

Sue Green

Perfect Power Runs A Full Sized Combo Fridge!

Dear Sir,

My husband and I researched using solar energy for a few years before we purchased this unit.  My husband’s brother lives in Palm Springs and purchased a different system consisting of 30 panels that attached to his roof.  The main draw back for us, was that he did not have battery backup when the power goes out.  The power his unit collects is sent to the power company.  This was not acceptable for us.  We wanted power during outages.  We also wanted a portable solar generator and a wind generator.  The unit we purchased fit all our needs.

We currently run a full size combo fridge / freezer unit, a 14 cubic foot chest freezer and a small beverage fridge off the generator all the time.  When the power goes off, everything keeps on working.

We live in the north west and don’t always get a lot of sun, but even when it is cloudy, the unit still charges up enough to keep things running.  We were surprised that our brothers unit, which is hooked up to a computer to show the amount of energy collected, has decreased energy input if it is hazy or a little cloudy.  We are very happy with this unit and have recommended it to several of our friends.

powerful living

Steve Heller

"Your Company Has Been A Pleasure To Work With!"


I have had the Perfect Power 1800 Generator solar generator for a little over a year. Your company has been a pleasure to work with.

I have had a few questions over the year and every time it was answered by very friendly knowledgeable and professional people.

The unit is everything it was advertised to be and more. I have used it for parties and trips and the unit has proved to be able to be very portable and easy to set up.  I have been telling others like me about the virtues of the 1800.

Thanks for giving us what we wanted, need, and asked for. Keep the products coming.

Solar Powered Generator

Michael Huset, Butte Montana

"Running Lights, TV and Fridge!"

I purchased the Perfect Power System for the main reason that I wanted to run lights, TV, refrigerator, etc., reducing the electrical charges the utility company charges me, especially in the wintertime.

I also have secondary purposes for the system, one being as a source of energy that I could go to (especially heat in the winter) should my current supplier (natural gas and electricity) be unable to provide those products, whether due to grid collapse, natural disaster or whatever reason.  I wanted it to provide heat and light without the consumption of solid fuel and its resulting visible byproducts. 

Another secondary purpose is to provide electricity in a house I am restoring which currently does not have connection to an electrical source.  I need the light to see for working, restringing electrical wiring, plumbing and cleaning out trash and fix-up, as well as to provide heat to dry out the basement moisture. 

And, I also wanted the system to provide electricity at a remote cabin where I need to repair some log rot, a much easier job using electrical tools as compared to hand tools with manual labor.

I have not yet experienced a disaster wherein my system would be employed.  But, in addition to the convenience of having portable electricity for use in various projects, and the reduction of my current monthly billing form the utility company, I have the constant sense of security knowing that the system is available whenever and wherever I may need it. 

electricity for meat freezer

Jay Harvey

"Runs The Freezer In The Garage!"

I have been using my solar generator unit to run my freezer in the garage and have had no problems. I really like the wind generator, the entire unit is well built and has worked well.


"I'm 65, If I Can Do It... Anybody Can Do It!"

Hello my name is Fran Holden. I live in Danberry NC, right on the NC, VA state line. It’s the gateway to the mountains. For 43 I worked as a Registered Nurse, now I’m retired. But there is no retirement plan in the Holy Bible.

So now, I work for the Lord and full time service for him. I really care about people and I don’t want to see anyone doing without when these things come. They are a coming, and sooner than you think. I was watching Glenn Beck one night and he told of the solar generator.

This was something I was really looking for but I had no idea how to find it.

I thought I now have it made, but still I desired more free power. I went off the grid with my long term goal. I was tired of paying for such high power bills.

So exploring, I found they offered the Perfect Power.

This is my work force, this is my beauty. It has supremacy beyond your imagination. And this unit keeps everything working.

I really didn’t need anybody! Hey, if I can do it, anybody can do it! I’m 65 years old, short, not very physically strong, but if I can do it, you can do it. This was just wonderful. We had a severe thunderstorm just recently and the grid was off for at least 6 hours or more. No one for miles had power, but one did. You guessed it, it was me. I watched TV all night, my freezer, and two dorm room sized refrigerators, ice machine, desktop computer, room fans, lights, and my weather radio never missed a beat. What an assurance it is knowing you can be ready.  

I have provided Dawn with my list of how each unit is set up with all the electrical items set in each one of them in my little cabin.

I’m still preparing and you can also. If you listen to them you can get ready and get these appliances and these products and these generators, you’ll be ready for anything also.

As I’ve said, I care about people, and so does this company. The storm is coming, coming to a city near you, or by you. Be Ready! This way you can be ready for anything. 

solar panels for homes

Best Solar Generators For Homes On A Budget!

"We consider the Perfect Power one of the best solar generators for sale right now. The generator solar panel is a high efficiency, quick charge 100-watt model. The solar generators uses range from simply charging your cell phone to running the refrigerator. 

I think the Perfect Power is one of the top solar generators for sale right now. It's a solar powered generator that has a lot of uses."

cheap solar generators for sale

A Solar Powered Generator For Home And Off Grid Use

"When my husband saw an ad for... solar power generators for sale ... we started to do some research. We wanted a solar powered generator for home off grid use.

solar power generator for home off grid so it had to be portable too."

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