“If You Don’t Mind Some Slight Cosmetic Imperfections... Then Here’s How You Can Get A Perfect Power Solar Backup Generator 

At An Astonishing Discount!”

A Few Times A Year We Let A Handful Customers

 Who’ve Signed Up For The Scratch and Dent Notices…

To Get A Great Deal On

Our Bestselling “Perfect Power” Solar Backup Generators… BEFORE… The Sale Is Made Available To The General Public!

Dear Friend,

Bill Heid here with some exciting but time-sensitive news.


Each year… in the rush and excitement of selling several thousand Solar Generators, there isn’t always time to pay attention to the units that (for one reason or another) were slightly scratched or had dented boxes.

That being the case, we simply put these—otherwise perfect—solar generators aside in our warehouse and carry on business as usual. 

Until we get enough units to run a sale. 

At that time I have the warehouse guys go through the “damaged” units and picking out the “best of the best.”

In some of the cases the units only have slight scratches on the outside shell.  These scratches are so slight, you can hardly see them with the naked eye.  But in most of the cases, only the box was “dinged up” a little.  In fact, not even one of our technicians could find anything wrong with them... except... that the box didn't look new.

Either way, we still cannot and would not... ever try to sell them as new. (Though they do come with a "new unit" warranty.)

So, rather than going through each unit and replacing outside shells with a new one... we offer the units at a huge discount to those who really don't care about a minor scratch.

Here's Two Minor Problems:

Minor Problem Number One: We can't guarantee everyone that signs up will get a unit.

Minor Problem Number Two: We can't tell you exactly when we will have enough units to make a "scratch and dent" sale worthwhile.

Even Better: We often threw in some bonuses too that makes the offer... over-the-top so to speak.

So please, once you sign up... pay attention to your email. To sign up for the Scratch and Dent notifications... please use the sign up form below.

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