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Takes "Plug And Play" Solar To A Whole New Level!

Like Having A "Secret Power Plant" 

Hidden In Your Home! 

Clean Power Runs Silently! 

Easy To Move Around 

The unit is extremely easy to move around and it's built to be used almost anywhere. Produces a fast, clean charge without sacrificing any power, so you can stay connected wherever life takes you.

Bigger Battery

New Premium AGM Lead-Acid "fighter pilot" sealed battery is now a 100-Amp Hour battery... 40 AMP Hours larger than our previous unit... which means you can store up more electrical power than ever before.

3 Fast-Charge Panels!

System includes three 100-watt "fast--charge" solar panels that are easy to set. Extremely efficient panels will continue to charge... even on cloudy days!

Portable - Goes With You!

The ultimate "get out of dodge" device! If the going ever gets tough where you are and you decide to "get the heck out of dodge," you simply throw the unit in your car and take off to a safer destination. More casual applications include backup power at remote cabins.

Plug And Play

In an emergency, avoid complexity. Always look for simple solutions. That's why we created the system to be "point, plug and power up" simple. This emergency backup system comes ready to go. Just start plugging in your favorite household essentials. 

Instant Power

Lights up your place in minutes. Just start plugging your essentials in. Runs both AC & DC appliances of all kinds. Powers up sump pumps, TVs, communications devices, small refrigerators and more.

Provides "Instant Electrical Power"

No Matter Where You Are

Are You Up For Some Serious Off-The-Grid Living? 

If so...

Don't Pay A Single Penny For Electricity...

Ever Again!

It may be hard for some to believe, but we actually have customers tell us that their solar generator is the only source of power they use. Granted, some sacrifices have to be made. But the freedom that comes from telling the utility companies farewell is worth a lot too.

Solar Powered Generator

Could you live with just the "Max Power" system if you had to?

Max Power's Features And Benefits

The Max Power system is our newest solar generator. Designed with the heritage of past "Perfect Power" systems in mind... the Max Power features a hefty increase of output wattage and battery run time.

The Max Power system is a user friendly unit that stores electrical energy in its internal battery and uses state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12-Volt power to 120-Volt everyday household electricity. The system does not require gas to run and can be used indoors as it does not emit any toxic fumes like standard gas generators. It is also whisper quiet when in use. You'll also receive our Heavy-Duty Cart to ensure ease of movement and transportation of the unit as well as an upgrade to a full 1-year product warranty. (worth $295.00)

Lots Of Reasons To Love The New Max Power!

Twice The Wattage Of Our Perfect Power Unit Now 3600 Watt Peak! 

Three Times The Generating Capacity -  Three 100 Watt Panels!  

40% Bigger Battery - Store More Electricity!

New Intuitive Panel Means You're Always In Control!

You're always in control. The integrated control panel lets you know your exact power situation.

Simple To Use - Easy To Understand 

Built sleek. Built with storage. Built to last.

Max Power - System Specs


Product dimensions with generator cart: 23 × 17 × 22 in.
    Product dimensions without generator cart: 18 x 12 x 15 in.
    Product dimensions - Power Panel: 40 x 6 x 30 in.
    Weight out of box: Generator - 120 lbs
    Weight out of box: Power Panel - 31 lbs
    Operating temperature: 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
    Storage Temperature: 23–111 °F (-5–45 °C)
    Output Power: 3600W max
    Output Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave
    Output Voltage: 120V
    Output Frequency: 60Hz
    Front LCD Display shows battery level, output information and more
    LCD button turns on the LCD display
    Warranty: 12 Months


Three 120V household AC outlets
    Two USB ports - 3A of combined power
    One 12V DC port (240W max)
    Expansion Port: 350A Fuse
    Charging AC Input (190W)
    Solar Input (300W Max)
    Wind Input (300W Max)


    Type: AGM Sealed Lead Acid
    Capacity: 100Ah (1200Wh)
    Keep plugged in or recharge every 4 months of non-use
    Built-in charge controller
    Built-in low battery protection

Solar Panels

    3 - 100 Watt panels
    Cell Type: Polycrystalline
    Junction Box with MC4 Connector cable
    Daisy-Chain to another solar panel using MC4 branch connector
    Summer and Winter Tilt positions
    Reinforced with 3.2mm safety, anti-reflective glass

Runs Quietly... Emits No Dangerous Fumes... And Generates An Endless Supply Of Electricity From The Sun!

Today's "Buy One - Get One"

Max Power Bonuses

#1: Third 100-Watt Panel For Your Max Power

Bonus Value: $275.00

Pre-Wired For Your Max Power System!

#2: Max Power App For Your Phone

Bonus Value: $49.95

Max Power Phone App Allows Complete Control Of Your System Even If You're Away!

#3: Extra 100 Ft. "Solar X" Heavy Duty 

Solar Extension Cord

Bonus Value: $349.95

Alright, you don't get the entire roll of heavy-duty solar extension cord. But you do get a big chunk... a 100 ft. cord with fast-connectors so you can quickly add "range" whenever conditions require better placing of your solar panel. The cord is heavy duty, outdoor solar extension cord made exclusively for this use... for this solar generator. (One site I went to is charging almost $500.00 for the same cord.) It's yours free as a bonus if you purchase a Perfect Power solar generator this week. Now, if you have a big yard or perhaps sun-blocking trees or landscape... having additional solar cord can make a huge difference with respect to solar power. In effect... giving you more "placement" options.   

#4: 3-Year Extended Warranty

Bonus Value: $300.00

“Peace Of Mind” Solar Generator Protection

#5: Super Bonus

Perfect Power Solar Generator

Bonus Value: $1395.00

Click here to learn more about this bonus.

Please note: The bonuses listed on the Perfect Power site mentioned above are not included in this offer. Just the Perfect Power generator itself. (unit and 1 panel)

Bonus #6

4 Solar Panel Carts

Bonus Value: $519.80

Buy One - Get One

Total Bonus Value


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You really deserve to have one at this more than half off introductory offer. I'm so convinced every reader needs a Solar Generator, that I've arranged for this special deal to get one to you at this dirt cheap price.

Just hurry, alright?


Chip McDaniels
Warehouse Manager, Powerful Living

P.S. One more thing. It's very important. We do have "runs" on our equipment from time to time. This means that demand literally overruns our supply of solar generators and we run out. The best strategy is to order "before the crisis" and not wait. It's never a good idea to act with the crowd. Napoleon said it well... "Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in." It just makes good sense to avoid buying in a panic.

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